Document Management

Project Profile 4

  • Government sector
  • Provincial
  • Agriculture
  • Lending/Insurance

Client: Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is a provincial crown corporation with a private sector Board of Directors that provides farmers, agribusinesses and other small businesses loans, crop insurance and farm income disaster assistance. AFSC is closely linked with (and partly funded by) government but also works closely with many private sector companies through key business alliances. AFSC reports to Alberta's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AFRD). AFSC has provided Alberta farmers with hail insurance for over 70 years, and has grown into a diverse Corporation with several core businesses: crop insurance, farm loans, commercial loans and farm income disaster assistance.

Project: Create a Document Management System that will centralize storage of all lending documentation.

Budget: $450,000

Leadership:  As Program, Manager at AFSC, I took the lead in this project to create an electronic document management system. The first step was to issue an RFP to see what hardware would work best for the company. This step invloved developing close vendor relationships with the top 12 MFP (multi-function printer) Copier vendors on the market. Next we had to determine which documents needed to be scanned, the frequency and volume were key factors and it was clear that ease of use and simplicity would be key factors to aid in early adoption by the branch and field managers. The existing Envoy Lending system was leveraged by simply adding a tab under which all scanned documents would be available anytime and anywhere. Training documents and a clear, easy-to-use scanning process, was a key success factor.