Service Call Management System

Project Profile 5

  • Private sector
  • International
  • Manufacturing
  • Publically traded corporation

Client: Maax Spas Corporation. MAAX is a leading North American manufacturer of award-winning products for the residential housing market. MAAX offerings are available through specialty boutiques, plumbing wholesalers and home improvement centers. MAAX employs over 1,300 people and currently operates nine manufacturing facilities and distribution centers throughout North America. MAAX is a privately owned corporation.

To create a service call management system (SCMS) with CRM and real time interface to ERP system. The goal was to save manual order entry, manual invoice entry and manual shipping notifications. An added benefit was reduced errors, increased accuracy, better visability and less manufacturing delays due to better vendor relationship management.

Budget: $100,000

MAAX Life Newsletter, September 2005, Volume 1, No.3

Data entry at Maax Spa’s Customer Care department is now considerably faster and easier, thanks to updates to their Service Call Management System (SCMS). 

Ian Brett, Information Systems Manager at the spa facility in Beamsville, Canada, redesigned the SCMS to operate with the product tracking systems that are currently in use in Chandler, Arizona. All orders are now automatically entered into the accounting system, rendering them accessible within minutes to the shipping department, which is responsible for filling orders. “Our objective was to enable customer service representatives to steer their focus towards delighting customers with quicker order entry and less paperwork,” stated Ian Brett. 

In the past, the customer care groups at both the Chandler and Beamsville divisions juggled several applications to retrieve information in order to process claims. The process required an excessive amount of time, resulting in a duplication of tasks and increased errors. “This newly redesigned single source order processing tool will help to reduce the entry processing time by approximately 50%, said Ian Brett. 

As part of our Lean Thinking process, it is important for MAAX to re-evaluate procedures and eliminate wasteful steps, “Our Information Systems department at MAAX Spas is always on the lookout for “leaner” ways to improve time management for the various teams“ concluded Ian. 

Management: The goal of this project was the creation of a service call management system that was intergated with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP finacial system. It was essential that the North American service centre had access to all manufactured products and service history with real-time access to all customers, dealers and financial accounting details.

The result was entry-processing time reduced by over 50% with accurate and instant online information available to all dealers in the USA and Canada.